“helping bodies last a lifetime”
Michael Cochard M.A.
Owner / Exercise Physiologist / Therapy Specialist
At FLEXFITT we take pride in what we do.

We are convinced we can help you become more fit, healthy and confident in yourself no matter where you are with your current health and fitness! 

At FLEXFITT, our Therapists and Trainers have masters degrees, years of training, education, and experience in order to accommodate your therapy, flexibility, health and fitness needs!  We also treat acute and chronic injuries!  For the majority of our patrons we are a “ONE STOP SHOP.”
FLEXFITT is a 2500 sq. ft. private training, therapy, and flexibility facility located in Nora behind / South of the new Kroger @ 85th & Evergreen Ave in Indianapolis, In 46240. Established in 1998,    we specialize in a  wide variety of scientific and intuitive  therapy, flexibility and training techniques. When you come in for your workout or treatment session we like to concentrate on how your feeling at that moment!  So If you need therapy when you come in, we can go straight to the therapy rooms, if you are up  for an amazing workout, we are more than happy to make that happen for you as well.  We frequently mix our training and treatments because that yields the best results and we will always emphasize your flexibility, form and range of motion during your workouts. ...If you’d like, you can even come in and just get stretched! 
                                                           COMING IN IS UP TO YOU! 
                                                  MAXIMIZING YOUR TIME IS UP TO US!
                                                        Let us help you look & feel great!
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